Updated 2018

Fitness 4 All Membership Terms And Conditions

Paying For Your Membership

Prices quoted on our website and elsewhere are in UK Pounds Sterling and are inclusive of VAT at the standard rate of 20%.

No matter what type of membership you choose, your initial payment covers all joining costs and administration fees. It also issues you with a membership ID number, and includes the registration of your scanned biometric fingerprint record, allowing you easy access to the gym.

There are several membership options and two basic ways to pay:

  1. Prepaid memberships (One day or weekend pass, One-month membership).
    These memberships must all be paid for in advance, as part of your membership application, by debit or credit. They are best suited to those who wish to use the gym for a fixed period or who do not have a bank account that supports direct debits. If you decide to leave before the end of the fixed contract, no refund is due and your membership cannot be transferred to another person. Please note we do not accept cheques in payment for any type of membership, as the cheque guarantee card scheme closed on 30th June 2011 and cheques are no longer a secure payment option.
  2. Monthly membership – paid via Direct Debit
    Monthly memberships make paying for your membership more convenient.
    On applying for membership, you are required to pay your first month’s membership subscription. Your first payment includes your biometric fingerprint registration and induction to the Gym.
    For this type of membership, as part of your application, you must register your bank details to set up a direct debit instruction, so that our BACS collection agency (which administers our members’ direct debit payments) can collect your monthly subscriptions to fund your membership after the first month has elapsed.
    Please note - Not all bank accounts support Direct Debits (for example, non-UK accounts and some saving accounts). Fitness4All is not responsible for any refunds should your account fail to support a direct debit instruction. Please check that your account is of a type that enables you to pay by direct debit before you submit your joining application.

It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the required funds are available in his/her account in advance of the collection date or risk the payment defaulting. If a subscription payment is not met,